St. Sophia GOC, New London, CT



View from the Choir Loft: Directly above the solea on the ceiling is the full scene of the Second Coming which includes the Deisis of Christ, The Theotokos and St John flanked by the 12 Apostles.  Along the ceiling on the right and left sides are 6 Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven and in the center of the ceiling are 3 medallions of Old Testament figures who spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, Moses, David and Elijah.


The Icon of the Annunciation, above the altar, left and right.


Righteous Moses


Prophet Daniel


Deisis of our Lord: Christ in center with Virgin Mary and John the Baptist.  In the four corners are the symbols of the Gospel writers. 


Detail of the St. John the Baptist, flanked by the symbol of the Gospel writer St. Matthew.





Icon of the Sower together with a vignette of the town of New London indicating that the church is a local eucharistic community witnessing to and planting the Gospel of Christ.  This is on the ceiling towards the back of the church over the choir loft.