Prosforon Pouches

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13" x 13"

Product Overview

Prosforon pouches are beautifully decorated cotton bags for bringing your freshly baked Offering Bread also known as Prosforon to church.  It is traditonal to bring your offering to the altar and give to the acolytes during vespers or matins in anticipation for the Divine Liturgy.  

The 13" square bag features a pouch with a fold-over flap for holding the Prosforon.  It is amply large to hold various loaf sizes.  It is recommended that you leave the Prosforon at church and bring the pouch home for the next baking.  Or you can purchase several and rotate them from week to week.


Available in 4 embroidered designs

  • Gold Seal - featuring the σφραγιδα or seal used in making the Offering Bread.
  • Artos - featuring the words Αρτος Ζωης which means "Bread of Life"
  • Blossoming Cross - featuring a multi-colored design with a cross surrounded by vibrant vines
  • Gold Cross - featuring a Byzantine Cross beautifully rendered with all gold threads.


13" square, cotton 

The Divine Liturgy is an expression of thankgiving and love as found in the Holy Eucharist.  As our heavenly Father gives us the gifts of grapes and wheat, we receive them and change them into wine and bread and then, in turn, offer them back to Him as our loving gift of ourselves, our treasures and our talents.  Through the Holy Spirit together with our prayers, God changes them mystically into the Divine Gifts of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ so that we may be one in Him.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review