Private Chapel. Toluca, Mexico

These icons are in a small Family Chapel named for the Ascension of our Lord and in this way, dedicated to Christ and the Virgin Mary. The family had the chapel built on their home property for daily devotions and memorials for their beloved parents.  Many of the saints in the dome were selected because of the family's relationship to them either by name, intercession, or regional association.  The style of icons are based on the Komnenos period which was popular in Kastoria, Greece where you see a rich tradition of family chapels. This little church is intimate and inspiring and seats about 20 people.  


Dome with Seraphim, Saints and Apostles


Presentation of the Theotokos in the Temple 


Presentation of the Theotokos with The Entrance to Jerusalem and The Last Supper



The Annunciation


The Transfiguration, The Raising of Lazarus and The Annunciation


View of Dome with Seraphim, Apostles, Evangelists and Saints