"More Spacious than the Heavens" -Pk of 50

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5 3/8" x 7 3/4"
Price is per pack of 50

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25th Anniversary Sale: 50 Cards w Envs for $20

This expressive card by Jocelyn Mathewes depicts the Mother of God in a warm embrace with her son and our Lord and Savior and reminds us of the full power and glory of the Nativity of Christ.  She is truly "More Spacious than the Heavens" in that she held within her womb God, the Creator of all. We honor her as truly the Theotokos- the one who bore God on behalf of all humanity.  He came into the world to save our souls.

Inside: Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Back of Card: In You O woman full of grace, all creation rejoices, the orders of angels and the race of mankind. O hallowed temple and spiritual paradise, glory of virginal souls, from you our God was incarnate and became a child, He who is God from all ages. By making your womb His throne He made you more spacious than all the heavens. In you, O woman full of grace all creation rejoices. Glory to you.   (Megalynarion)


Artwork by Presvytera Jocelyn Mathewes. You can see more of Jocelyn's art and photography at www.jocelynmathewes.com



(No reviews yet) Write a Review