Kenosis and Let us be Attentive

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unframed size:
14" x 11"

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Whimages are one-of-a-kind whimsical images by Fr. Anthony

Each painting has its own unique message that matches the image.  These whimsical images are painted in the early hours of the morning by Fr. Anthony and are inspired by the everday wonders that he encounters in Watkinsville and the in the expanse of God's holy creation.  It is his hope that this painting inspires you, touches your heart, makes you laugh or makes you cry and ultimately makes you reflect on the deeper beauty of who God created us to be.

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This is original artwork in an attractive wood frame.

Only 1 available of this design

14" x 11" unframed - frame sizes vary from Whimage to Whimage



(No reviews yet) Write a Review