Budding Cross - Vinyl Decals

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4" x 6.5"

Product Overview

The Budding Cross is a sacred symbol of the life-giving power of The Cross.  By eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, humanity fell from grace and was separated from Paradise.  By Christ being lifted up on the tree of the cross, the gates of paradise are reopened and humanity is restored to salvation and again may eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and have life eternal with God in His heavenly Kingdom.  


Display it on your vehicle, on doors and windows or laptops as a witness to faith in the Holy Trinity.

Made of weather resistant vinyl with an adhesive backing that goes on most smooth surfaces such as drywall, glass, plastic and metal. Once applied the decal is weather resitant and durable.  It may be removed with solvent but cannot be reused or re-positioned. Currently only available in off-white option.



Buy 10 or more and get 20% discount. 

 Mix and Match colors

 Includes AU1109 "In Christ Victory"
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review