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103 Byzantine Icons & Icon Case for Orthodox Liturgical Year

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Icon Size:
11" x 15"
Case Size:
17 1/8 h x 13 1/8 w x 2 1/2 d
Allow up to 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

OUT OF STOCK ***please check back later

This is a unique and comprehensive collection of Icons of the major feastdays and saints of the Orthodox liturgical year. 103 Icon Set includes Feasts of the Lord, Feasts of the Theotokos, Triodion, Lent and Pentecost Periods, plus more than 60 saints.  



These large icons are printed in Greece from originals by the Pachomian Brothers of Mt. Athos and on heavy card stock.  It is an attractive and useful addition in any parish, both small and large.  This icon box for narthex and church use, looks beautiful on the Proskinitarion or icon stand.   Display one icon under glass and store the remaining underneath in the icon box.  The icon box or icon case is custom made by hand.

Hardwood Case:  Custom designed to handsomely display the feastday icon under protective glass, while safely storing the others in the back.  Please indicate your wood choice when ordering and $190 will be added to your total.

 103 Byzantine Icon Set:      $495.00

 Hardwood Display Case:      $190.00 (optional)

 Shipping & Handling:           $  30.00

              Total for Set:      $715.00




Venerating Icons
When you enter the Church, it is customary to venerate (kiss) the holy icons.  think of it as greeting our Lord and his Mother and the patron saint of the church as you enter into God's home.   Usually there are icons in the narthex and/or at the entrance of the nave, and many Churches have icon stands at the front near the iconostasion as well. Non-Orthodox newcomers to the Church are often confused or perplexed about venerating icons. In a very traditional Church an icon will be on a stand at the entrance or in the center of the nave; this icon is venerated first.   Often this set of icons--103 Byzantine Icons with Case-- is placed on a podium or proskinitaria in your church narthex so that the faithful will be able to "read" the icon and know which feastday is being celebrated.  


When venerating an icon, pay attention to where you kiss. It is not proper to kiss an icon on the face. Rather, you would kiss the hand. Pay attention to what you are doing as you venerate an icon, showing the proper respect due to the person depicted, the same respect you would show in person. If wearing lipstick or lip balm/gloss, please be careful not to get it on the icon.